About AuNutra® Industries Inc.

Manufacturer and Supplier of Botanicals and Nutritional Ingredients

Founded in 2003, California-based AuNutra® Industries, Inc. is a rapidly growing nutraceutical ingredient company. AuNutra® has one of the largest collections of herbal ingredients in US. focused on standardized botanical extracts, we also supply nutraceutical, functional food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries with herb powders, vitamins, amino acids and other nutritional ingredients.

With a commitment to always provide products with exceptional quality, all of our ingredients are manufactured under strict GMP and ISO-9001:2000 quality certifications. AuNutra ® Industries, Inc is also a supplier of Kosher-certified high purity botanical extracts.

Besides a massive inventory, we have strong sourcing capabilities in locating high quality ingredients. We also conduct contract manufacturing, such as custom extraction, formulation, blending, granulation, etc.