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Welcome to AuNutra® Industries Inc.

AuNutra® Industries Inc. is a premium scientific herbal ingredients manufacturer and supplier! AuNutra® has consistently delivered exceptional quality products with a strict emphasis on our quality control. AuNutra®'s GMP, ISO-9000, and Kosher certified manufacturing facilities produce high quality botanical extracts and specialty ingredients using raw materials from all over the world. We produce our non-irradiated ingredients using steam and ozone sterilization that meet the strictest quality and safety requirements.

  • Scientific Herbal Extracts
  • We have the most extensive line of herbal extracts: standardized or ratio extracts. Our unique NutraPreserve extraction technology standardizes herbal extracts to the bioactive marker and preserves full spectrum of herb constituents.

  • Herb Powder
  • Focused on standardized herbal extracts, we also carry a large array of herb powders, with sources from all over the world.

  • New Products
  • Not just an ingredient distributor, AuNutra® is always developing new scientific herbal ingredients. We set ourselves apart from the competition with strong capacity sourcing, developing and manufacturing your most rare products! Please check out our services page for more info.