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Welcome to AuNutra® Industries Inc.

Product Availability

With over 300 ready-to-ship ingredients, AuNutra® Industries, Inc. has one of largest collections of herbal and specialty ingredients. If you are looking for some ingredients not on the list, please contact us. With our worldwide relationships and strong sourcing capacity, we can help you find even the rarest ingredients.

Pricing & Samples

You can always get most competitive pricing from us. We offer aggressive discounts with our long-term contact programs. Most price-quote requests will be replied within 1 business day. Samples of most ingredients are always available.

Global Sourcing

You can depend on us as your sourcing partner. With our global connections, we can locate and supply hard-to-find ingredients for you.

AuNutra® Guarantee

  • Scientific
    • Proper identification is conducted to make sure the incorporation of right plant (species) into a product
    • Standardized herbal ingredients which ensure consistent quality of the supplements
  • Active & Effective
    • Definition of "Active"–Capable of "restoring, correcting or modifying physiological function" (UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency)
  • Safe
    • Proven by traditional practices and modern research
    • All natural, no additives
    • Alergen-Free
  • Non-Irradiation
    • All of our ingredients are manufactured in GMP facilities
    • Steam sterilization instead of irradiation is used
  • Proposition 65 Compliance (CA/EPA OEHHA)
    • None of our ingredients are on the list of chemicals that are known to cause cancer or birth effects or other reproductive harm.